Perform Ordinances with Confidence

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Suggested Features - user organize order of ordinances

I am now working on a feature that will allowing users to change the order of the ordinances so ordinances they use the most will appear on top. This is a bit tricky so I have created a separate branch Implement_User_Organization for this which can be followed on GitHub. I commit every time major changes are made so anyone interested can see how this code is developing.

Suggested Features - in-app language switching - failed

I have been working to get the in-app language switching feature implemented in this project for some time. The simplest way I found of implementing this is to have a preferences window which allows the user to select which language to run in the app. I incorporated the preference window and language switching selectors into the app. However, implementing the language change into the app I found nearly insoluble. When working with other programmers I ran against a brick wall. I contacted tech help at Gospel Library (LDSTech) about how to perform a language switch and they said it could be done but that they could not share how this was done due to copyright issues. I then took this issue to other professional programmers who gave me the code needed to make this feature work. I used several different methods they gave me but kept running into errors for every single method know. In addition I kept being warned by the professionals that the code they gave me should not be used for market/end-user applications! I have no idea how Gospel Library changes the language in their app and since they cannot tell me, due to copyright issues, I do not feel safe publishing the app with this type of undocumented API.
For those still interested in the language switching feature, I have put the app with all the language changes in a zipped folder on Google Drive. If anyone knows how to implement the in-app language switching this would give you the best head start, because much of the content for in-app language switching is already present.

Source Code On GitHub

Fully embracing the open source spirit the entire project is now saved to a GitHub repository. Feel free to branch or fork this project and make any changes you see fit. If the changes are good enough I will merge them with the current build. Just make sure to adequately explain the changes made when you commit.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Privacy Policy

All textual content of this application is copy right of the Chuch of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints and is subject to their Privacy Policy. With that being said, the application is completely open source. Anyone can take this application code and improve upon it.

How to View App in Another Language

To view the Spanish version, for example, go to the settings of your phone and change your default language to Spanish. For example: Settings > Personal > Language & Input > Language > EspaƱol. The app will automatically be viewed in Spanish the next time you open it. This is the only way to change languages as in-app language switching did not work.

Suggested Features

Send suggestions to

New website for LDS Ordinances

Just started this webpage. Thank you for all all the feedback I have been given for this application. I look forward to supporting this application for a long time to come.