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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Programming update

I am currently in the process of adding French and Swedish languages to this application. I was planning on knocking a lot of the programming out today but ran into a snag. My net-book I have been using to do all the Java programming on is finally on its last leg. I recently purchased a fast desktop PC, so spend most of the day transferring all the programming work over to it. I was hoping to be able to simply download the GIT file, but it turns out it has not been updating for some reason - so I performed the transfer manually. Looks like I will be backing up my workspace to Google Drive again. To get up and running on my new computer I installed Java JRE, Java JDK, Eclipse IDE, Android ADT, SDK Manager, AVD Manager, All Android libraries, Eclipse plug-ins, keystore publishing files, mapped environment variables, verified all dependencies, and corrected all dependent errors. Think I am ready to start programming on my machine, finally - hopefully next week.